Remember the time when people switched over T.V from radio sets. They said they enjoyed it more because T.V has a visual appeal more because of the videos. The same point stands true even to this day. But now the competition lies between a video v/s text and it is found that Video embedded as a way to market your page is most likely to produce 53% a better result than the text one.

We at Promotion Expert know the fact that 70% of users view video content per week and therefore it is vital for every business to add this layer of creativity in their pages to attract all the desired attention to have a good traffic on their website.

Our process for making videos consists of a 4 fold process:-

  • We create a video of half a minute to a minute, It is more like a teaser that adds to the curiosity of the viewer towards the product or the service you want to market and sell to the target audience.
  • We then upload the teaser to all the major platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and put a link of your website there.
  • Your teaser is then bookmarked in different social media. Ideally, facebook gets to be the clear winner and that is where we are able to drive the traffic to your video on Youtube and hence the website.
  • We book mark it in other websites as well.
  • Online viewers want video content in large number and you can get a fair idea of the same from the fact that about 200 million videos are streamed everyday onto the smart phones.
  • Keeping this in mind, Promotion Expert holds expertise in generating inbound links and traffic on your website. Though search engines may not be able to crawl on Videos but , we can use it for SEO purposes to your advantage.

On the grounds of high density sharing of videos, we create rich descriptions and keywords in our videos and using them in the text subscripts helps us to improve its visibility on the web and get the required target audience to be awared about the product or service. Coupling the video with the text has always been our one of the trademarks which has come out to be a really strong marketing strategy for businesses and helped them grow against all odds.

We make our video marketing service stand out by introducing innovative video concepts weaved around a storyline and including transcripts so that we are able to brand your organization well and communicate the concept creatively through the video.

The advantages you get after getting the video marketing done is:-

You increase or create your brand visibility.

People relate to your brand, more.

Better search engines ranking.

Increase in traffic on your website.

Stronger and effective advertising through use of texts and video.

Natural access of social media links.

The Video marketing services with us are available at an introductory price of $67. Make your first move before we change our mind.