The contemporary time is the time of internet .Everything is available with just a click of the mouse. The internet has remained witness to a large number of companies that have build their status online. It has also seen a lot of those, who have lost their identity just because of letting in a callous attitude toward managing their rapport online.

Promotion Expert provides Online reputation Management Services to companies so that they can build up their brand in the minds of consumers and position themselves well in their heart with all that they have to offer in their products and services.

We also use another term on the internet called the corporate reputation management. We take care of the brands or corporate as the case may be, both in their general presence as well as their existence on social media.

It is an interesting part of Search engine Optimization. But it is not about bringing traffic to your website or facebook page. It is basically about pushing down the negative content of a particular brand or a company so that when a user is searching for it, it does not appear in the top pages. There are cases when you had an argument with a bad employee, or a miscommunication with an enraged customer who could not control their dissatisfaction with you and instead of talking it and sorting it out with you, played their vindictive card and vented out all the anger on the social media or in reviews. The result can be devastating for you as well as your company. It is in such a scenario that we Online rapport management comes into picture.

Why should you prefer our Online rapport management services? Simply because:-

  • We will make sure to sustain the goodwill of your company by pushing down the negative rapport and reviews of your company and promoting positive and natural content about you.
  • We tend to neutralise your negative feedback by creating new content and new Social media profile, so that we are able to move on. You must not forget it is important to move on rather than continuing to sulk on something that happened. We give your rapport that kind of a treatment that we are able to make it in sync with the memories of the general public which we know is short lived.
  • Because of our expertise in the social arena for the past 6 years, we are able to tackle the battle of the brands and the spitfire really well. So, no matter how worse a condition you might have gone through, we give you that kind of an environment where you can talk to us like your own family and we make you sit back and relax while we do the damage control.
  • We use our most empowering brand management services to observe the present web content about your company’s brand and your products or services. We are always high on alert to both professional journalism and user-created content mainly comments on the blogs or articles.