Promotion Expert not only deals in global SEO and Local SEO sevices. It also offers specialized services for online stores using Magento SEO Service that is going to turn in a great deal of fortune as far as your online sales is concerned. In the present time all the E-Commerce users who have used this interface understand its dynamic ability to attract the targeted audience in the most alluring ways to the product waiting to be sold. Just the offline advertising in newspapers or T.V is not sufficient for an E –Commerce venture today. You need a good SEO strategy to drive the Internet savvy population onto your website and then make them retain on the interface. All this cannot be done by you, even when you know the tricks of the trade, because you have to focus on the trade well.

So, you would need experts in the industry to do that and who can be better in the domain than The Promotion Expert who have been serving the E-Commerce clients in Magento SEO service all across Australia, Canada, U.K and America. The experts in our company offer a highly sophisticated website design and structure at the most nominal rate so that next time you run out of money you still know where to go. The design offering for Magento Shopping Cart will not only attract the customers to your website but will also retain him longer making him explore the interface and finally give in to the enigma of the products fitted inside the design graphically. Our relationship will not end when we are done with your website but will begin as so that anytime you are stuck in the upkeep of the website, we can help you and repose the trust that you had kept in us initially when you gave the responsibility to us.

The Magento SEO service encompasses onsite and offsite optimization, social media marketing , keyword research etc. With our services we assure you that the virtual footfalls of the customers on your websites are converted into your loyal customers and the more loyal customers you have the bigger and better word of mouth chain reaction will happen, leading to rise of your business prosperity.


Our different Magento Services include:-


  • Canonical URLs
  • Robot Meta tags
  • Sitemaps
  • Embedding of links
  • Optimization of the website of the customer including all the headers and titles technicalities so that next time the customer looks for his desired service, he find you.
  • Product management in addition to data entry.
  • Better page rankings
  • Customized Magento solutions to suit to every and any kind of business need.
  • Transparency in our Magento SEO deals so that you know what we are doing.
  • Regular updations of your SEO standing so that you know where you stand every month and can deal with the changing competition scenario.
  • Round the clock customer help so that anytime you are stuck, we are there to help you.