Whenever you think of promoting your brand on social media, the first name that comes to your mind is facebook. When you entrust upon us for this service, we bring you the max brand recognition through our expert services in the industry which are 6 years old .We know the nitty gritty of the craft and therefore can bring the required traffic onto your website from facebook and also promote your page really well.

Promotion Expert gets you the required attention on facebook through the likes on your facebook page and daily updates on the same which can make the word of mouth grow really strong on the social media and thus help you grow your targeted customer base exponentially which you could never even dream of. People would be enticed to visit your page daily and get tempted to buy the products from your website. We have

such an ability and we have proved it time and again.

We respect the privacy of your account and therefore do not take your login details. We just need access to the URL of your facebook page and within no time you can be ready to witness one of the most successful campaigns on facebook, that too for your pocket.

Why should you use facebook? For a simple reason that there are about 500 million users on facebook and therefore you can very well imagine what kind of an audience reach you can build up at the most nominal cost and the kind of effect it would have on your business. You cannot get a better, simpler and more convenient platform than this where you need not go anywhere for marketing your product or service, just sit and watch after you are done with the initial handovers. The traditional marketing strategies are expensive and hurt your pocket like anything so much that you hardly get to save in your marketing campaigns. Using facebook marketing techniques help you tap the best audience which has awareness about your product and therefore can relate to it well and also attract new buyers from across the globe.

There are different advantages that you get to have when your mind becomes open to accept Facebook marketing as a key marketing strategy for your business:-

  • The system of buying likes on facebook tends to put the brand in the eyes of hundreds and thousands of people who have been thinking of buying it and thus we increase the visibility of you product through our facebook marketing.
  • We advertise your brand to people across the borders and thus bring you a global popularity.
  • We save your money on keeping middle parties and therefore let you intercat with your consumers directly. This helps you in increasing the quality of your product with their feedback.
  • This brings all the required traffic on your website.
  • We make people fans of your brand.


You can avail our following facebook marketing packages as per your need:-


Likes                   Rate

500                             $25

1000                           $40

3000                           $82

5000                           $119