The best review of a product or a service can be judged by the comments that follow the blog. Therefore they play really an important role when it comes to blog comments guiding the buying behavior. Promotion Expert provide the best and the most realistic blog commenting service. We always tend to comment on the most popular and established interfaces where you can get the best of response for your business website.

Our way of working is a very simple process. The first thing that we do is search for a blog post which can aid you in increased number of visitors on your site. The next thing we do is , we comment on these blogs intelligently and meanwhile leave your linkback in the field just like a sleeper cell member would drop a bomb in a place. This bomb is nothing but an avenue to the publicity of your business. If the comment is approved by the Blog Editor, it appears in the comments otherwise it directly appears in the comment column. There is a Name field that is given in the Blog Comments Section which we use for highlighting the anchor text of your link. By doing this, we are able to improve your rankings in the search engine by making the number of search links go high.

We believe in a transparent deal model and therefore once your project is done we send you a detailed report of all the web addresses of the blogs where our comments pertaining to your project have been approved. You can check them and let us know with your feedback. If you are impressed by our service you can send us your next lot. If you are not, you can tell us where we went wrong and we will gladly help you out.

We give at an unbelievable and competitive price of $32 per 100 approved comments. For 75 blog commenting, we offer $72 as our price and for 50 comments our price is $48. So, whatever your budget is, you can be sure of one thing that we are approachable irrespective of your budget and no compromise on the quality would be made. In all these packages, a customer support option both in the form of chat and email and a report telling about the whole process of blog commenting is given by default for the convenience of our customers.

Promotion Expert believes in healthy and fast services. SO, we post comments in the blogs only relevant to your business. Our comments are crisp and do not exceed more than 20 words in order to get the desired audience’s attention. We post the links as a part of the comments so that the whole process of blog commenting comes out to be very natural and convincing enough to increase traffic on your website.

This way, we are able to add another feather in your cap and we ensure you that the feather stays in the cap.